All of this info was taken directly from the Bemani Guide as the site is currently offline, when the site comes back online this will be removed.


Remywiki - Generalized BEMANI content wiki.

GameRepair.info - Repository of arcade part repair & misc information.

Cons&Stuff - Community resource for DIY controllers.

BemaniPatcher - Drag and drop hex edit solution for most Bemani games.


sp12 - IIDX SP☆12 reference site/difficulty tier list.

iidx.insane.pe.kr - IIDX difficulty tier list.

Statistik - IIDX difficulty tier list.

atwiki - IIDX wiki in JP (includes tier lists).

textage.cc - Chart viewing resource.

DJ DAO IIDX troubleshooting guide - Step-by-step guide for FPS, FP7, PEE, RES, RED controllers.


sdvx.in - SDVX chart reference.

SDVX Progress Chart - Functions as a generalized tier list.

SDVX Unlock Guide - Translated guide for unlocks.


573Controller - DIY guitar solution for converting official cab guitars to USB home-use.

Drummania English Menu Translation - Handy for beginners, lots of options!

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