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The go-to site for Software Piracy, for more than 10+ years. Requires Sign-up to search content.
Everything is uploaded by members with more than decades of experience with checked uploads. Requires Sign-up.
You can also check out, it's independent from


Software cracked by the one and only m0nkrus, the most reliable Adobe Cracker for many years.
You can mostly find Adobe Products and Autodesk Software.
Use the link if you dont't want to make an account for the other services.

Direct Download

Nsane Forums

Forum focused on News for everything Piracy, with downloads for Software and Utilites. Forum, Requires Sign-up.


Good Forum for Software Piracy and other Warez with popular for its Requests section. Forum, Requires Sign-up.


Focused more on Plugins and VSTs than Software, good for Video/Music Production.

Team V.R

Like AudioZ, Team V.R is more focused on Audio and Video Production, Cracking Software and Plugins for it.

Has compressed Downloads for Software, with silent installs. Currently only Registered Members can download from the site. Requires Sign-up.
Staff Members from Ripped have Accounts on the site, so just ask in the Discord for something.


CG Persia | GFXDomain

Big sites for loads of Educational content including: tutorials, CG assets, plugins for various apps and more. They both have their own forums and Private Trackers but sign-ups for them are currently closed. They use bad file hosters.

Download Pirate

Has plugins and addons for various Adobe apps, it is recommended you only download these from the site.


Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS)

Open source activator that includes various scripts for Windows and Microsoft Office using HWID / KMS38 / Online KMS activation methods with the focus on fewer antivirus detections. Guide for activating Microsoft Office on MacOS can be found here.


qBittorrent | Deluge | Transmission - Free, Lightweight and open source Torrent Clients.
We do not recommend using ĀµTorrent or BitTorrent, as it came bundled with Adware, Spyware, and Crypto-Miners in the past [1]. In its current state, it's Adware and Bloatware. We don't recommend using ĀµTorrent v2.2.1 either due to confirmed Security Exploits.
        qBittorrent Enhanced Edition - A qBittorrent fork with enhanced privacy (IP filtering, auto-ban bots and copyright trolls, auto-update public trackers).
        qBittorrent Guide - A guide for configuring qBittorrent.

IDM | JD2 | XDM | Motrix | FDM - Download Managers that can boost Download speeds. Motrix and FDM support Torrenting, XDM is best for capturing downloads from your Browser, and JD2 is best for downloading multiple files simultaneously.
        Elephant - Adds YT-DLP support to FDM, meaning it can download from all these sites.
        JDownloader 2 Guide - A guide for setting up JDownloader 2.

DDL: Direct Download, where you can download a file from a server usually done through your Browser.


Torrent: A decentralised Peer-to-Peer file sharing protocol that is very common when sharing Pirated Content, since the file isnt on a single server that can easily be taken down.

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