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Note: Many of the tools on the Misc page can be used to improve your downloading experience.



Nice place to get a large list of ROMs from every type of system.

RomUlation (DDL)

Offering ROM Downloads since 2004.
Ignore any Pop-ups/Banners about faster Downloads/Premium. Try another ROM site if the Download is for Premium Users.

r/ROMs Megathread (DDL)

The r/ROMs Megathread, with links for Popular and Arcade ROMs, visualized with mkdocs.

NoPayStation | PSNDL (DDL)

The best places to get VITA, PS3, PSP, PSX Games / DLCs and more, directly from Sony's servers with no Middle-Man.

Vimm's Lair: Vault (DDL / Torrent)

Vimm provides Torrents for larger Downloads like Wii Games, since the site's Download speed is a bit slow.

AlvRo's Spreadsheet (DDL)

Mr. AlvRo has organized all of his ROM's Download links via 1fichier in a Google Spreadsheet, for ease of browsing.

Ziperto (DDL)

Nice source for Nintendo and PlayStation ROMs, unfortunately only has those.

CiasPara3DS (DDL)

This site is a pretty nice source for 3DS CIA Games, if you're a bit rusty in Spanish you might need to use a Translate Extension.

hShop (DDL)

You can easily Download 3DS Games by scanning a QR code with the FBI app.
Installing via QR code on the 3DS may be quite slow as the device does not have a good NIC chip.

nsw2u (DDL)

Changes domains frequently, offers NSP / XCI files for Switch Games, with Updates included.

CDRomance (DDL)

A Site similar to Ziperto which offers more ROMs for different consoles, uploaded directly to the site.


/emugen/ Wiki - The ULTIMATE guide for all Emulators on all Platforms.
Make sure to check with your Emulator here in case it requires some sort of BIOS or special file to function.

Yuzu EA - The Latest build of Yuzu. It was sued by Nintendo and all development ceased, new forks will soon rise.

Stable PS4/PS5 or Xbox One/Xbox Series Emulators do not exist. If you find an app that claims to be that, it's a scam or it's highly unstable. Some examples for scam apps are: PCSX4, PCSX5, PSemuX.


qBittorrent | Deluge | Transmission - Free, Lightweight and open source Torrent Clients.
We do not recommend using ĀµTorrent or BitTorrent, as it came bundled with Adware, Spyware, and Crypto-Miners in the past [1]. In its current state, it's Adware and Bloatware. We don't recommend using ĀµTorrent v2.2.1 either due to confirmed Security Exploits.
        qBitorrent Guide - A guide for configuring qBitorrent.

IDM | JD2 | XDM | Motrix | FDM - Download Managers that can boost Download speeds. Motrix and FDM support Torrenting, XDM is best for capturing downloads from your Browser, and JD2 is best for downloading multiple files simultaneously.
        Elephant - Adds YT-DLP support to FDM, meaning it can download from all these sites.
        JDownloader 2 Guide - A guide for setting up JDownloader 2.

DDL: Direct Download, where you can download a file from a server usually done through your Browser.


Torrent: A decentralised Peer-to-Peer file sharing protocol that is very common when sharing Pirated Content, since the file isnt on a single server that can easily be taken down.

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