Guides - Conglomerate of community-written guides for each console, including other devices.

ConsoleMods - Community-driven Wiki dedicated for Modding. However, it doesn't include guides for the latest Consoles.

ROMhacking - Home to classic Video Game modifications, fan translations, console homebrew, utilities, and learning resources.


NH Switch Guide - A Nintendo Switch guide.
Consider checking out GBATemp to see other ways to enter RCM without soldering, but it is recommended to buy an RCM Jig.

WiiBrew - A wiki dedicated to Homebrew on the Nintendo Wii U.
Wii Guide - Guide made by the NH team to Homebrew the Wii.

WiiUBrew - A wiki dedicated to Homebrew on the Nintendo Wii U.
Wii U Guide - Guide made by the NH team to Homebrew the Wii U.

3DS Guide A complete guide to 3DS (and 2DS), from stock to CFW.

GC-Forever - A Wiki for the Nintendo GameCube.
They also have a forum with discussions for other consoles alongside the GameCube.

N64brew - Wiki dedicated to getting Homebrew on the Nintendo 64.


Vita Guide - Guide to Homebrew the Vita made by the team.
VitaDB - Place to download many Vita Mini-Games and custom Homebrew.

PlayStation Guide - Guides for Homebrew and various other hacks for the PSP, Vita, PS2 and the PS4. Note that this guide will be outdated in some areas.

Steam Deck

r/LinuxCrackSupport Wiki - A very comprehensive guide for the Steam Deck.
Decky Loader - Allows homebrew and installation of plugins onto the Steam Deck.
You can browse the plugins here.
CryoUtilities - A utility to improve performance and help manage storage on Steam Deck.
EmuDeck - The all-in-one emulation manager on the Steam Deck.


r/Homebrew - A Subreddit for using and making Homebrew software.
r/PS3Homebrew | r/PS4Homebrew | r/PS5Homebrew- News, updates, apps, and answers regarding PS Homebrew.
r/SteamDeckPirates - Subreddit for Steam Deck Piracy.
r/SwitchPirates - Nintendo Switch Piracy discussions.
r/VitaHacks - Place to discuss Vita hacking and Homebrew.
r/VitaPiracy - Place to discuss Vita Piracy.
r/3DSHacks - Place to discuss 3DS hacking and Homebrew.
r/WiiUHacks - A Subreddit made for Hacking the Nintendo Wii U.
r/WiiHacks - A Subreddit made for Hacking the Nintendo Wii.
r/XboxModding - Dedicated community for Modding any and all Xbox consoles.
r/XboxHomebrew - Subreddit for sharing Xbox Homebrew created under Developer Mode for Xbox One/Series consoles.
r/XboxRetailHomebrew - Subreddit for discussing Xbox One/Series Retail Mode Homebrew! From RetroArch to DurangoFTP.
r/360hacks - Anything related to Xbox 360 Hacks, Mods, Homebrew, or Scene news.

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