iOS Guide - A complete iOS modding guide, from stock to jailbroken.

Third-Party App Stores

SideStore - Fork of AltStore which only asks for an Internet connection, no PC required.
AltStore - Alternative App Store for non-jailbroken iOS devices. Requires a PC hosting AltServer due to Apple's account limits.

TrollStore - Permasigned jailed app that can permanently sign any IPA, only supports iOS 14.0 beta 2 up to 16.6.1, 16.7 RC, 17.0.

Sideloadly - Simple installer of IPA files for non-Jailbroken iOS devices. Requires a PC.

YouTube Clients

uYouPlus - iOS YouTube client including YouPiP, iSponsorBlock, video downloading, removed ads and many more features.

uYouEnhanced - Fork of uYouPlus for non-jailbroken devices with even more features.

YouTubeRebornPlus - Fork of YouTube Reborn for non-jailbroken devices with more functionality.

Discord Clients

Enmity - Plugin-based Discord mod for iOS.

Telegram Clients

Swiftgram - Includes Stories stealth mode, Speech-To-Text, unlimited accounts, unlocking blocked channels, removed cryptowallet and more.

Nicegram - Includes unlimited accounts, unlocking blocked channels and AI features.

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