Some of these sites have Fake and Mirror sites, you should only use the ones we link to.
In the case that any of the sites are blocked, use GoodByeDPI or PowerTunnel.

General Torrent | .st | .gd | .eu (Torrent)

A very popular Torrenting site which has an incredible amount of content, but also has major downsides including insufficient moderation in general (not banning uploaders who have uploaded Malware in the past) and an incredibly unsafe Software category.
Do not get Software Releases from this site.
Stay away from Torrents by IGGGAMES, xGIROx, w4rkr4f7, Zohaib2044, emadmoner, Seyter, Qoob, nosTEAM and CorePack!

RARBG (Torrent)

A very safe site to get Games from, mostly Scene Releases which they have Auto Uploading Bots for. If you use a VPN get ready to solve reCAPTCHAs.

RuTor (Torrent)

An old Russian tracker that has plenty of content but with generally less seeders. Some Repackers upload exclusively here.
Only get Games from R.G. Mechanics, Chovka, XATAB and FitGirl.


FitGirl (Torrent / DDL)

One of the most well known and reputable Repacker out there, very active and provides Torrent links with DDL mirrors. Only downside being the Repacks can take a long time to install depending on your hardware. Mostly Uploads on 1337x, RuTor, Tapocheck and some DDL mirrors that are linked on her site.

DODI (Torrent / DDL)

Another active Repacker that provides Torrent links with DDL mirrors. Usually takes less time to install compared to FitGirl, while having ever so slightly larger Releases. Other than DDL Mirrors on his site, he Uploads on 1337x.

XATAB (Torrent)

One of the oldest and most respected Repacker that passed away recently. His site is currently being used by different Repackers but his old Releases can still be found there.
R.I.P 196X - 2021.

General DDL

Ova Games (DDL)

A site which focuses on re-uploading Repacks, P2P Cracks, Scene Releases and GOG Rips to various hosts. Rarely includes Torrent links. Takes requests.

Scene CrackHub (DDL)

An Automatic Scene Uploading Bot which Uploads Windows, Linux, Mac, Nintendo Switch and PS4 Scene Releases directly from TorrentSeeds to zippyshare.
        CrackHub - Mainly focuses on re-uploading various content to different hosts, takes requests too.

GamesDrive (DDL)

Another site that re-uploads Repacks, P2P Cracks and Scene Releases to various hosts. They also take requests.



Arguably the best site for Game Piracy. It's a well moderated Forum with active members. Not only good for getting Games from, but also learning about different Cracking tools and resources for many Games.
Requires Sign-up.
Most Games that are uploaded to this site are uncracked and require a Steam Emulator to function, especially when its mentioned that the upload is "Clean (Steam) Files" or when it's uploaded to the Steam Content Sharing (SCS) forum.

Torrminatorr (DDL)

Another well moderated Forum with active Uploaders and discussions that allow Scene Uploads (contrary of CS.RIN.RU), GOG Rips, Retro Games and even Linux Games.
Requires Sign-up.


Online-Fix (DDL / Torrent)

Provides Online-Fixes (Multiplayer) for many Games available, the more complex fixes being coded by their own Crackers (0xdeadc0de and others).
Requires Sign-up.

GOG Games (DDL)

Every GOG DRM-free Game, ripped and re-uploaded on Mirrors. Every installer is untouched and has a cryptographic SHA-265 key from GOG.

My Abandonware (DDL)

Offers Downloads for old titles and hard to find Abandonware Games, including everything they came with.

F95zone & U18-Chan (DDL)

Big Forums for Adult Games. F95zone is a Forum with various Tools, Translation & Game Request channels, many English Porn Games and even English translated foreign Games such as Japanese Eroges (a searchable index can be found here). U18-Chan instead has exclusively Yiff Games. They both require you to Sign-up.

Nyaa & Sukebei (Torrent)

Both are good sources for Visual Novels and Japanese Games while the latter is exclusively for NSFW titles. It's recommended that you use an Anti-Malware scanner.
Most Japanese Games require a Locale Emulator to work.

Lewd Patcher (DDL)

Has some Uncensored and Lewd patches for Games, which can be applied as a mod.

ModPiracy (DDL)

A SubReddit for Requesting and Sharing Mods for Games.
Don't use ModPiracyX as it's malware.

Steam Workshop Downloader (DDL)

Download Steam Workshop Items without having to own the Game. Due note that this site is extremely unreliable.

Flashpoint (DDL/Torrent)

Preservation project for Adobe Flash Games. Has over 90k Games in it's library which are all playable, like the Good Ol' Days.


qBittorrent | Deluge - Free, Lightweight and open source Torrent Clients.
We do not recommend using ĀµTorrent or BitTorrent, as it came bundled with Adware, Spyware, and Crypto-Miners in the past [1]. In it's current state, it's Adware and Bloatware. We don't recommend using ĀµTorrent v2.2.1 either due to confirmed Security Exploits.

IDM | JD2 | XDM | Motrix | FDM - Download Managers that can boost Download speeds. Motrix and FDM support Torrenting, XDM is best for capturing downloads from your Browser, and JD2 is best for downloading multiple files simultaneously.
        Elephant - Adds YT-DLP support to FDM, meaning it can download from all these sites.

HashCheck | OpenHashTab & RapidCRC Unicode - Convenient and Efficient File Hash checkers and verifiers. HashCheck and OpenHashTab integrate into Windows Shell.

Radmin VPN | Hamachi | ZeroTier - LAN Emulators, Useful when playing a LAN supported game with a friend that is not in your local area. ZeroTier can be difficult to setup.

DS4Windows - Turns your Controller into one that all Programs can read, useful with Knockoffs or weird ones.

ALVR - Stream VR games from your PC to your headset via Wi-Fi. Free and Open Source alternative to Virtual Desktop, works really well.
A Guide for wired connection.

Playnite - A Video-Game library manager with the goal to provide a unified interface for all Games, including but not limited to: Steam, GOG, Origin, and Uplay. Also has Game emulation support.
Make sure to check out the Add-ons.

CompactGUI | Compactor - Transparently compresses games, programs and other folders with virtually no performance loss.

Achievement Watcher - Allows recording Game play time, tracking Game achievements (with notifications) even on Games that you don't own. CS.RIN.RU link.

Cracking Tools

All the tools listed here are Windows only unless stated otherwise.
All DLC unlocker tools require the actual DLC files to work, to find the DLC files: find the Game topic in CS.RIN.RU and check the first post for links to the DLC files. If there are none, then use the searchbar to search for the DLC files within the thread or just pirate the entire Game and extract the DLCs.

Koalageddon - An incredibly easy to use DLC unlocker for Steam, Epic Games, Origin, EA Desktop & Uplay (R1 only) for legitimately owned Games. Family Sharing restrictions can also be bypassed. It can also work with Games that have Anti-Cheat such as EAC and VAC, though it is inadvisable to do so (even though there have been no confirmed cases of bans).
        KG-GUI - A simple GUI to configure Koalageddon.

SmokeAPI | CreamAPI - Tools that can unlock all DLCs on legitimately owned Steam Games, may not work well if the Game has Anti-Cheat. SmokeAPI requires no configuration and therefore is very beginner friendly.
        CreamInstaller - Automatically finds all installed Steam/Epic Games and provides a neat GUI to automatically configure and apply SmokeAPI/ScreamAPI.
        creamapi-db - A database site that generates CreamAPI configuration files quickly.
        Auto-CreamAPI 2 - A tool that makes it quicker to setup CreamAPI by automating some processes.
EA DLC Unlocker v2 - Tool that can unlock all DLCs on legitimately owned Origin/EA Games.
        Origin DLC Unlocker v1 - An older but still maintained version that has support for Mac users.
Uplay R1 Unlocker - Ubisoft DLC unlocker, will only work for Games released before October 2020 (that have the uplay_r1*.dll file).
        Uplay R2 Unlocker - Same as R1 Unlocker, but instead will only work for Games released after October 2020 (that have the upc_r2*.dll/uplay_r2*.dll file).
DreamAPI - An easy to use Tool that can unlock all DLCs on legitimately owned Epic and Origin/EA Games, this can bypass Anti-Cheat software unlike ScreamAPI.
ScreamAPI - Tool that can unlock all DLCs on legitimately owned Epic Games.
        CreamInstaller - Automatically finds all installed Steam/Epic Games and provides a neat GUI to automatically configure and apply SmokeAPI/ScreamAPI.

Goldberg Steam Emu | SmartSteamEmu (SSE) [v1.4.3] - Steam Emulators which can bypass the basic Steam DRM. They also allow playing some Multiplayer Games on LAN with friends and unlock DLCs.
Goldberg supports Linux unlike SSE, it is more beginner friendly and easier to use but lacks some features SSE has, such as: Bypassing SteamStub DRM, Tracking / Unlocking Achievements, a pre-packaged Game Launcher, a more advanced Steam Overlay and support for Plugins.
SmartSteamEmu is abandoned. If you're having issues with it, try the SSE Reborn Client v1.46.1.
        GoldbergGUI - GUI Tool for applying Goldberg's Steam Emulator easily.
        SSE's Companions - A collection of tools/apps for SmartSteamEmu.
        Reborn SSE Comfy Launcher - An easy to use SSE launcher.

Nemirtingas Epic Emulator - An Emulator which can bypass Epic Online Services for Games on Epic.
Since the original Repository has been deleted, you can download the most recent version from here and can have a look at the example config files here.

GreenLuma 2020 - A tool that can unlock DLCs for legitimately owned Steam Games, bypass Steam region locks, bypass Family Sharing restrictions, unlock Steam achievements for unowned Games, use Steam Cloud for Game saves and more. Here's a slightly edited FAQ if you've got questions.
Using this tool for Games with Anti-Cheats might get you banned.
This tool can't make you own Games you havent paid for on Steam.
        SteamACFGenerator - A CLI tool to generate .acf files for GreenLuma with ease.

Steamless - A GUI SteamStub DRM Remover.

Steam Achievement Manager (SAM) - A Steam achievements manager where you can add/delete achievements to any game you want.
Using this tool might put your Steam account at risk.

Check out the Release Board of CS.RIN.RU and the RIN SteamInternals for more useful Game Piracy Tools.


We recommend you have at least uBlock Origin and FastForward installed.
Browser Userscripts require a Userscript Manager to function, we recommend Violentmonkey.

SteamDB - A Steam DataBase site that has a vast amount of information about virtually all games on Steam, helps for checking Game versions, file checksums of latest build of any Game, trading cards, Game branches, Game prices in all regions and many more.
        SteamDB - Extension - SteamDB's Browser extensions that offers new features to the Steam Web Store such as bypassing age verification, providing quick links to external sites, and more.
Augmented Steam - Great Browser extension for Steam that introduces many new features, like showing prices for different countries, customising the Steam Web Store further and more.
If you decide to use this and the SteamDB extension at the same time make sure to configure them accordingly since some of the features may interfere.

Get Data from Steam / SteamDB - Extracts all the information of the DLCs/Games from Steam/SteamDB and exports in various formats that can be used as a config file for Greenluma, CreamAPI and more. Can also extract .sha1 checksums of the latest build of any Steam Game that can be used to verify Game integrity.

PanDownload - A site which allows downloading Baidu links directly without requiring a Chinese phone number, Check the Help section for information on how to download and use Motrix instead of IDM. - A Browser Userscript that automatically redirects all links found on CS.RIN.RU to link for ease of downloading.
All ALI213 uploads have the password "9999".

CS.RIN.RU Enhanced - A Browser Userscript that enhances the UI and the functionality of

r/LinuxCrackSupport - A Wiki for Linux Game Piracy.

r/QuestPiracy - A Wiki for Oculus Quest Game Piracy.

PGames - The r/PiratedGames Megathread.

DDL: Direct Download, where you can download a file from a server usually done through your Browser.


Torrent: A decentralised Peer-to-Peer file sharing protocol that is very common when sharing Pirated Content, since the file isnt on a single server that can easily be taken down. We recommend using qBittorrent as a BitTorrent client.


Repacks: Highly Compressed Games that usually include all released DLCs, language packs, are Pre-Cracked and require minimal Piracy knowledge. Good for beginners and people that have limited Internet bandwidth.


Mirrors: An alternate download link for the same file, similar to a DDL, but hosted in different places. If one mirror goes down, you can download the file from another Mirror.

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