Pro Tip: Make a Restore Point before running these apps!

Debloating & Privacy

TronScript - Most efficient and quick way to clean, De-bloat, optimize and disinfect your PC, recommended.

Use-Gaming-Tweaks - An alternative way to make your PC as snappy as possible for Gaming. Do this on a clean ISO. - Easily create a custom Debloating script made for your specific needs.

PrivateZilla & ThisIsWin11 - The simplest apps to perform a quick Privacy and Security check of your Windows 10 & 11 OS.

Sophia-Script - The largest PowerShell module for Windows 10 & 11 tuning.

WPD | WindowsSpyBlocker - Tools created to intercept your Network Traffic and block Tracking requests even before they get to Microsoft.

Optimizer - Portable utility that helps you restore your Security and increase your Privacy.

Fix-Windows-Privacy - Deletes Telemetry Registry keys that may have been left over by other Programs.

Honorable Mentions

AutoRuns - See what programs are configured to startup automatically when your system boots.

Sigma Wiper | Sigma-Deleter - Deletes every trace of the Miner placed by the Sigma Minecraft Client.
For Sigma Wiper to work, you need to install the .NET 5.0 Desktop Runtime.

BCUninstaller - Way better Uninstaller than Windows's default one, really good for Bulk Uninstalling.

BleachBit - A FOSS replacement for CCleaner which helps to effectively clean and uninstall apps.

Disable hibernation to free as much space as your amount of RAM.

Note: You can also grab an ISO from TechBench here if you wish to reinstall Windows before doing all these steps.

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