Firefox Nightly | Fennec - Developmental and current version of Firefox that allows the ability to use more add-ons other than just the curated list. Guide for adding extensions to Firefox Nightly.

Kiwi Browser - Chromium-based web browser that supports extensions.


PowerTunnel - Powerful and extensible proxy server with anti-censorship functionality for Android.

Blokada - Open source mobile ad-blocker with a focus on privacy.

File Managers

MiXplorer - Fully-featured Android file manager that supports multiple cloud storages and server protocols.

RCX - Android port of Rclone that can connect to supported cloud providers.


xManager - Manage and install all versions of the Spotify app.

Dentex YouTube Downloader - Allows users to download YouTube videos and extract/convert audio.

Seeker - Unofficial Soulseek client for Android.

Meoko - A torrent search app.

Seal - Video/Audio downloader for yt-dlp supported video platforms.

MPV-Android - A free media player that supports a wide variety of media file formats, audio and video codecs, and subtitle types.


nzb360 [Paid] | LunaSea- A usenet/torrent manager. Useful for those who utilize seedboxes.


Lucky Patcher - Android app modifier, can be used to cheat, hack or crack Software.

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