Wotaku, a HUGE list of reading/downloading sites and apps categorized in Platforms, Categories and more.
The Anime Index, a list of Tools, Apps and Sites for your Manga needs.

It is generally advised to avoid aggregator websites as they consist of annoying ads, highly compressed images and no updates on best quality releases.
Scans and officials' reading should suffice with the top two choices under Web Reading, in case of a very niche series or series licensed only for paperback publishing, do check Nyaa.si - a torrent tracker.

Remember to always use an AdBlocker like uBlock Origin.

Web Reading





We recommend you use qBittorrent, Deluge or Transmission to Torrent.
Often searching for 'manga_name volume01 zip' on Google shows up random raw blogsites.


Methods to rip Manga from various sites.



Guide for acessing ExHentai (click this text)

Step 0: VPN

Depending on your region (especially Asia), you may not be able to access Exhentai no matter how many accounts you make. The only region that guarantees success is North America. Any VPN services will work in theory; however, you should try to use a paid VPN service for this, free VPNs may not work.

Step 1: Clear your cookies:

There are many methods for this including dozens of Chrome and Firefox extensions, some browsers even have a built-in cookie editor. Just make sure to clear cookies on both E-Hentai and ExHentai (Should show a blank page).

Step 2: Create a new E-Hentai account

If you have an old account that can't access ExHentai, you should also create a new one here.

Step 3: Wait 7-10 days

Waiting sucks, but be patient, after this you'll have access to sadpanda for life.

Step 4: Enjoy

In case ExHentai still shows a blank page, repeat Step 1.

Reading Applications

DDL: Direct Download, where you can download a file from a server usually done through your Browser.


Torrent: A decentralised Peer-to-Peer file sharing protocol that is very common when sharing Pirated Content, since the file isnt on a single server that can easily be taken down.

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